Grievances of Life – Shilpa Pitroda


Book Title: Grievances of Life
Author: Shilpa Pitroda
Format: Kindle
Total Number of Pages: 17
Sold By: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
ASIN: B079RSN523

Life is strange. Sometimes it gives you the best times to cherish as long as you can. But then, it also gives us the most challenging tasks. The beautiful moments turn ugly when things take the most dramatic turn.
The lives of Aahil, Dhyey and Mithil takes drastic turns and they are left stranded in the course of life. Their choices and decisions make or mar their very existence. Grievances of Life brings these guys together as they have their own pains and turmoils. They have one more common thing: the addiction to Drugs.

My Review:
Life is full of surprises. Not all these surprises are pleasant, so you need to be ready for what life brings you, “Grievances of Life” is an interconnected life events of Aahil, Dhyey, and Mithil. With a Goa new year eve backdrop, author nicely plotted to bring three at one place due to their respective life hiccups. Every story surprises reader with an unpredictable and tragic ending. Cute cover picture with two wooden frown dolls symbolizing dejection.
Simple language, decent narration and nice plot makes this story a worth read. I completed this book in 12-13 mins. Touching words melts heart and involve reader completely.

My best pickup lines in the book:
Life is like a sandwich! Regard birth as one slice, and death as the other. What you put in between the slices is up to you”  & “Life is unfair, but one has to accept it, and move on; rather than regarding it as an excuse

I personally rate “Grievances of Life – Shilpa Pitroda” as 4/5

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