Pandu’s Other Queen: Chronicles of Kuru Woman Vol III: Priyanka Bhuyan

Pandu’s Other Queen: Chronicles of Kuru Woman Vol III: Priyanka Bhuyan
Author : Priyanka Bhuyan
Paperback: 60 pages
Language – English
Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Book Intro:
When love turns into obsession, it spells doom!
In the Kingdom of Hastinapur, the untimely death of its King made Queen Satyavati take harsh decisions to keep the bloodline flowing but at what cost? The price that Hastinapur paid propelled everyone to an era of darkness that the world remembered.
But in the war of ambitions and throne where does, love stand a chance? As the fair princess of Madra, Madri’s love for her husband turned into despair and obsession as she struggled to find a balance between her ambitions and her love. But in the end, what would she choose? Love or the Throne.
In this special series of the bestseller Chronicles of Kuru Woman author Priyanka Bhuyyan goes behind into one of the most untold chapters of Mahabharata long before the seeds of the war were sown. Know how in the struggle for power and throne the Kurus staked everything even their morals.

My Views:
One of the epics that were proudly owned by our Indians, Mahabharatha has several tales, morals, and chronicles in it. This is the story of “Madri”, one of King Pandu’s wives, and her life chronicles. Madri (Who seems to be a synonym for beauty) hails from the Madra kingdom born in the city of Sagala.

This book was out and out written from the POV of Madri, it was a verbal treat to explore the struggle and the consequences Madri faced in her life. Ever since the tales of reading, listening to, and watching Mahabharata, it so happened to me that the story of Madri is much underrated. We get to know the insights of Madri and her ancestors, the generous & selfless King Shibi. We also get to experience her bonding with her brother Shalya who helps in getting her married to King Pandu and her ultimate journey race towards the throne plus the city she was born, Sagala.

This is the second book that I picked from the author’s three-book series (till today). She fulfills the thirst of readers who wish to read and experience the women characters that are significant in the entire Mahabharata. From portraying Madri who hails from the Madra Kingdom and her ultimate struggle to attain Queen Profile in the Kuru Dynasty, the author succeeded both in plot and storyline.

If you wish to read and experience the untold or underrated stories of Mahabharata, especially from the women’s front, Priyanka’s books are saviors. The author didn’t leave her style of feminism, mythological touch, gripping narration, lucid style, and intrigue building. Full marks to the author for bringing the entire gist of Madri’s life in a short book of 60 pages.

What needs improvement:
1. Switch between character to Character conversations can be revisited.
2. Ignorable print and linguistic mistakes

Favorite Quote:
“Battles are won by the mind, Madri, then than weapons. If you can break the confidence and mental strength of your enemy, you can turn the tide of any battle.”

Friendly Advice to readers:
I recommend reading the book “Duryodhana’s Queen: chronicles of Kuru woman-2” before or after reading this book. I liked both books of Priyanka. Commendable job in re-telling the stories that aren’t famous yet significant in the plot of Mahabharatha/Kurukshetra

I sincerely wish Author to write more and more of this kind of tale and to break down plot complexities with her writing style to make it simple and easily understandable which eventually makes us feel proud and enlightened that have origin in our Bharatha Bhumi.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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