Book Review: ‘Estrenar’ By Sucharita Parija 

AuthorSucharita Parija
Publisher: Story Mirror
Print Length: 272
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This debut book of the author is named “Estrenar: Beginning of a New Journey.” Estrenar is a Spanish word that translates into “The First Time.” What a fantastic way to introduce my first book to the world!

The poems are grouped into two segments. The first revolves around life-the various events in everyone’s life, the inner turmoil, the motivation after bouts of depression, and other well-known dilemmas in daily life.

The second mixture is a potpourri of ideas-a woman’s satirical outburst about flatbreads not being round shaped in today’s time or the weight gain difficulties experienced by a middle-aged woman.

Sucharita Parija graduated in Architecture. She quit her first job to complete Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from IGNOU and emerged with flying colors. She is a gold medalist in post-graduation studies and is the recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) award as well. She taught in several Educational Institutes before she ventured into a new field. She was passionate about writing from her school days. She has contributed poems and articles in English, Odia, and Sanskrit to numerous magazines.

Sucharita Parija created her own website: during the pandemic days. She continues with her mission of writing about everyday problems through her poems, quotes, and stories. The themes of her literary works are drawn from her life experiences. She identifies her compositions as falling in the abstract genre.

Estrenar” by Sucharita Parija is a poetic retelling of a bundle of emotions, The Beautiful delineation of forty-plus proffers not only makes you dip in the ocean of vehemence but also to admire the efforts of the author in penning down her thoughts.

The book is bisected into two unique sections with twenty parts in each. Both the sections equally resonate with the variegated themes and incitements. Every part has a deep-rooted meaning and takes the readers to a fascinating state of mind with profound cognizance.

Estrenar“, is a Spanish word which means “Beginning of Something for the first time”, the author’s exemplary expertise is something to look at in every poesy. As I am a big fan of the poetry genre, this book stands out to be an eccentric one in my poetry collections.

This book weaves together a rich tapestry of depressions, life turbulences, and melancholy and explores the complexities of human relationships in everyday life in the first half, while it brings a miscellany of women and their middle-age difficulties in the other part.

Every chapter accompanies an appealing illustration along with the poetic strand. It makes the book reader easily connect and digest the content that Sucharita is trying to express to her book readers along with the closing lines at the end of every unit.

Not as austere poetry, I sincerely appreciate the author’s efforts in providing readers with a deeper understanding of emotions plus the life lessons. I could relate aspects like inner happiness, loneliness, insecurities, mental disturbances, criticism, failures, rejections, etc.

With the beautifully crafted poetry, the author yet again proves age is not a hindrance to “Estrenar”, to begin a new journey. Also, she stands out as an example of shaping up emotionally despite the world that was hit by the pandemic.

Eyes exhibit dark emotions,
It may now be calming or fun
The words can be harsh,
The smile can have a mask.

With abundant takeaways for every age group, this book is a persuasive and emotionally charged poetic assemblage that leaves a lasting impact and makes this book a truly engaging read. Whether you are a fan of emotional reads or poetry, “Estrenar” is a must-read that will enchant and resonate with readers long after the final page. This isn’t a one-time read, this is an effusive ride of emotions and deeper feelings.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘Estrenar’ By Sucharita Parija 

  1. I have always loved poetic expression of feelings and thougths. It allows me to express myself in ways that words alone cannot do justice to. Poetry is a powerful form of communication which far surpasses ordinary conversation. Loved the snippet lines. Looking fwd to reading the book.

  2. I am not much into poetry, but find the book interesting, based on your review. I am truly fascinated by th title, “Estrenar.” Also the fact that there are illustrations with each poem, makes it all the more interesting. Sandy N Vyjay

  3. I loved your style of review. It addresses every aspect of the book and it engages the readers hooking them to see what all they can get to know about the book.
    The book is indeed something that I have been looking forward to.

  4. Wow hat an amazing book
    I especially loved these lines
    It will simply begin,
    Only when it ends.
    The ending has to be,
    Always the beginning.
    Definitely adding to my tbr
    Thank you for sharing this

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