My Travel Memoir: Goa

A dream destination for bachelor, most happening destination for newly-wedded twosome and relax destination for elderly. It so happened on one of the sunny days when I opened my mailbox an email from my boss grabbed my attention.

It read “Gear Up for Goa“. It was an astounding split second my prolonged wish gonna come true. Let me uplift myself, a perfect teetotaler and a quintessential gentleman who never fancied to visit GOA due to the phantasm that it is “Booze Land“.

As a meticulous enactment our volunteers fervently devised a Whatsapp group that named “Goa Outbound 2018“. As expected the group showed many emotions like sentiment, yell, agony, frustration, joy and so on. Outstripping everything we reaching our dream destination “Goaaaaaaaaaaaaa

My travel desk committee arranged our stay at “THE ZURI WHITE SANDS, GOA” that claims to be one of the best 5 star hotels in India, with a warm welcome accompanied by a colorful mock-tail which allowed our tummies settle down for a feast that ended with good wine & its accomplishments. Keeping my teetotaler status in mind I abstained from drinks :P, which for me was a perfect way to end the well spent day.


Day 1:
Goa- 5 Star Stay – Beach Facing – Early Morning Sunrise  🙂 🙂
Who gonna miss this chance huh; Early in the morning as a pro pulled out a pair of my canvas shoes before sunrise (though its very rare :P)


Picked few of like minded ones (team work!!! you know) for a property walk on a lush green area covered with trees like pine, cashews and various other greenery for pollution free breathe of air to respire (which we never find in the concrete jungle)


Mr.Sun gave us a perfect welcome to our dream destination.”That first ray of sunlight in my room is the first thing I give a chance to, to make me happy each day” (poetry ahem ahem. No copyrights please, this is from Internet).


The unstoppable tides were not in a mood to get distracted even as we stepped inside to play in the arms of the sea. After all it’s GOA( (Arabian sea: Thanks to my knowledge).We played till our tummies started mumbling making us realize that it needs attention….the attention of food

Yummy breakfast that perfectly blended the north & south Indian, English, continental and various cuisines left our mouth watering., I tasted almost every dish and thus ensured that my taste buds were completely satisfied.

The main motive of any outbound is team building. Our instructors were very efficient in planning almost everything perfectly, thus ensuring a nice scrumptious lunch in the afternoon. Post lunch sessions were so quick, this time it was an indoor one. Key take aways were lessons learnt, do’s n don’ts were briefed and finally were set free.

Then comes the evening fun. With all the activities coming alive as some jumped into the the lovely pool for a quick swim, some went to take rest, some went to restock their liquor repository for the night, some hired a bike for a city visit, some stayed in room for chit-chat, blah blah blah. I found my perfect partner to play and exhibit my snooker talent. And the night perfectly ended with a jumbo supper.

Goa3.jpgDay 2:
Next morning same sunrise story repeated, this time with huge mob and professional DSLR experts, much needed for a perfect Display Picture click. Thanks to their creative talents that I got some good pictures to upload and cherish the moments I spent in GOA. Some of us skipped breakfast for a thorough complete lunch.


Finally the moment had come to bid a crestfallen good bye to ZURI WHITE SANDS, down heartedly our luggage’s were packed along with lot of emotions, hugs, kisses, en route shopping of wine,whiskey and cashew nuts we reached airport which was kind and prompt in bringing us back to our destination


Though the actual Goa was not completely explored, this trip removed my myth of “Booze Land” and set my expectations high for next planned personal visit. Key positives of this much awaited trip was that I got to meet and interact with many acquaintances…. bondage and many more

PS: This was my tiny trial to pen down my recent Goa visit. Waiting for your comments on this write-up. This will help me to rectify my mistakes hence help me to write in a better way so as to become a more appropriate blogger than I am.

Photo Courtesy: Murali & Friends

Kiran K Adharapuram

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