My Mute Girlfriend Paperback – Himanshu Rai


Book Title: My Mute Girlfriend Paperback
Author: Himanshu Rai
Paperback 216 pages
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First edition (10 February 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9387022145
ISBN-13: 978-9387022140
Himanshu is a telecom professional and storytelling has been his hobby. My Mute Girlfriend is his third novel, reminiscing his college days. His way of writing is often termed as visual writing, because a reader can visualize all the action with great ease.

My Review:
“voice is a gift which we have received. it explains a lot when exact words are used and explained better when spoken from the heart.” This line says the complete story of the book.
This is a tale of pre-social media era. Confused protagonist Rohan is an engineering student who is in a dilemma deciding his love or infactuation between Kavya and vaidehi Seeking advice from his sister as to help him choose he proceeds…. (with who ? , find out reading the book 😉 )

Just after he realises his lady love turns uncanny and stops communicating with Rohan, who gets to know the reason behind her behaviour after five long years why ? again you should read the book. 🙂

The title which is really good is indeed a curtain raiser to this romantic love story. The Cover is not much great but satisfactory would have been better. I like the way in which the plot has been delineated, avoid scope of emotional experience and competent characterization, author has taken utmost care in portraying every character (specially Rohan friends part), ending part could have been better. This book carried the blend of romance, fun, thrill, eloquent language, pain, heart break and illustrate relations in a catchy way. Overall narration could have been better.

I personally rate “My Mute Girlfriend Paperback – Himanshu Rai” a 3.5/5 which is a one time read for the romantic and love genre favorites. I hardly took 4-5 hours to complete this book. Hope author comes up with a better cover in his next version.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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