Book Review: The Girl Who Cloned Lightning: Lightning Brain Series (Book IV)

Title: The Girl Who Cloned Lightning (Lightning Brain Book 4)
Series Name: Lightning Brain
Author: Cliff Ratza
Pages: 441
Publisher: PageTurner Press and Media
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Cliff Ratza characterizes himself as a “simple scholar,” having parlayed multiple degrees (math and physics, business and computer science) into a business career spanning numerous jobs, companies, and industries. He grew up in Chicago, graduated from top Illinois universities, then launched his business career. He returned to Chicago, where he teaches at several universities while continuing to work for corporations. He subsequently started a sales and marketing consulting business, and most recently added a writing career to his resume.

Cliff has written extensively throughout his career. He has published articles in four professional journals, writes copy for client Websites, and develops press releases or newsletters for client customers. Cliff dedicates the series to readers everywhere and invites them to visit the “Lightning Brain” Website, to learn more about the books or enter reader contests.

This book charges ahead from Book 3’s explosive ending. Electra Kittner – now an Electra-Alisha split personality infected with an STD-like T-Plague mutation – must cure herself first before battling a new set of enemies in Cyber as well as 3-D Space. She must also contend with a relentlessly harsh government as well as random acts of terrorism masterminded by a rogue paramilitary force allied with China and Russia, all interwoven into the fabric of her professional and personal lives fraught with technological and political uncertainties. Can she hold adversaries at bay? Find out when you read, and then you’ll know when you reach the very last line of the last chapter.

In ‘The Girl Who Cloned Lightning,’ the fourth book of the Lightning Brain series, I was treated to a thrilling and action-packed adventure that left me exhilarated. This book captures the essence of excitement and innovation.

What stood out to me in this book was the evolution of Electra’s character. Her brilliance shines brighter than ever as she confronts cyber threats and takes on terror groups in the digital realm. Her unwavering determination to make a difference is both admirable and inspiring.

The unexpected surprises in this installment, such as the discovery of Electra’s half-sister, added an intriguing layer to the story. These twists and turns kept me engaged and eager to see how they would impact the narrative.

Electra’s journey into the realm of science and technology is a fascinating one. Her ability to clone herself and achieve singularity with her software creations showcases her exceptional skills and creativity.

In conclusion, this is a thrilling ride into a world of innovation and adventure. It’s a celebration of intellect and courage, leaving readers with a sense of excitement and wonder. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat while exploring the limitless possibilities of technology, this is a must-read.”

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