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Jaishree Nenwani – Author of “Tiny Habits Massive Results”, Based out of New Delhi, India. Jaishree is an author, homepreneur, and millennial blogger curating inspired wisdom that guides people to go deep and make a shift in their thoughts. She is passionate about journaling and loves to share wisdom and journaling tools that invoke deeper authenticity and Personal transformation.

Jaishree Nenwani primarily writes about Self-improvement, Personal growth, etc here at, Connect with her at
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Tiny Habits Massive Results (THMR) is a “7 (plus a pro-habit) Tiny Everyday Habits” that have a Powerful Impact on Our Lives Other than the random element of luck, what differentiates successful people from the rest are their Habits. They cultivate certain habits which contribute to their happier and healthy life. Learning these habits and how to use them in your life is rewarding. In this book, you will learn about simple yet impactful lifestyle habits that separate achievers from regular people. These tiny habits have a transformative effect on your physical and mental health, career, your relationships, and life.

My guest on the blog today is author Jaishree Nenwani, a millennial blogger and homepreneur. She is the prestigious winner of the “BlueRose Book Award 2022” under the ‘Non-Fiction‘ category plus many accolades. In a candid and revealing interview, Jaishree takes us on a journey through her personal life, blogging, journalling, homepreneur, learning plus the latest literary masterpiece, and so on. let’s dive into this fascinating conversation with author Jaishree Nenwani.

JN: Tiny Habits Massive Results (THMR) is my first book. For me, it’s not just a book or another piece of writing, it’s an emotion. It encapsulates my journey of discovering the immense power of tiny habits to create meaningful and lasting change in one’s life. All the habits that I have mentioned in this book are based on my personal experiences. These small everyday habits helped me to deal with and overcome major health and life challenges. So I decided to jot them down and share them with others.

JN: I have been passionate about journaling since childhood. Unknowingly, I used to write down my thoughts and emotions in my journal. Writing is my way of letting out. So, writing is deeply rooted in my soul. However, my professional writing journey began in 2013, as a freelance content creator. As it is said, everything happens for good. Writing as a freelancer helped me refine my writing skills and in 2017 I started my own blog which has thousands of readers across the world.

The ideal reader for my book is someone seeking practical strategies to make positive changes and embrace a healthier, more mindful lifestyle through tiny everyday habits.

JN: Journaling, to me, is a reflective tool that helps me understand and process my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and progress. It brings me clarity, self-awareness, and the ability to track habits effectively, leading to personal growth, positive changes, and better decision-making.

JN: I would love to cultivate the habit of gratitude journaling. This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever learned in my life. It can transform your life 360 degrees. When you feel gratitude for the good things in your life, you eventually attract more such things that you can be grateful for. It also helps in dealing with everyday stress, and enhances overall well-being, aligning perfectly with the principles of THMR.

JN: Readers should choose THMR because it offers a unique blend of practical insights, scientific research, and personal experiences. The book provides actionable strategies for sustainable habit change, focusing on small steps with lasting results.

JN: Being a Homepreneur involves running a business from the comfort of one’s home. It differs from being an entrepreneur as it often emphasizes flexibility and work-life integration. Though, it wasn’t my choice to be a homepreneur but every challenge in your life brings you some opportunity. I faced a critical health issue that confined me to home. Instead of giving up on my dreams, I decided to start working from home.

As a Homepreneur, I enjoy the flexibility and the ability to create my own schedule. My biggest “a-ha” moment was realizing that successful business ventures can thrive even within the confines of a home environment.

JN: My blogging style is conversational (this is what my readers enjoy most) and informative. Strengths like clarity of expression and the ability to simplify complex concepts have greatly aided me in blogging. Because readers want to read simple and relatable things. That’s what makes them choose your writing.

JN: My voice is unique because it merges personal experiences with scientific knowledge. For me, Blogging is both a profession and a passion, allowing me to share my expertise and connect with readers while earning my bread and butter and giving me enough flexibility to choose my timing to work.

JN: The most valuable guidance I’ve received about writing is to be authentic and write from the heart. Genuine emotions and personal anecdotes resonate deeply with readers. I have tried my best to incorporate all these elements in my book.

JN: I hope readers will take away the understanding that even the tiniest habits can lead to significant and lasting results. By embracing small changes, they can create a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

JN: I use social media to share insights, engage with readers, and provide updates on my work. Reading enthusiasts can reach me through my website or various social media platforms, fostering a meaningful connection.
Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin: @jaishreenenwani

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  1. Always love reading about the journey of writers as you are sure to find it inspiring. The interview with Jaishree too, is very interesting, and her passion comes through in no uncertain terms. I hope to read the book, which I have not yet read. Sandy N Vyjay

  2. Discovering Jaishree Nenwani is a delight! The concept of “Tiny Habits Massive Results” has piqued my interest, and her multi-faceted roles as an author, homepreneur, and millennial blogger are commendable. Her mission to guide people toward profound mindset shifts is truly motivating. With her passion for journaling and sharing wisdom, she’s a force to be reckoned with. While I’ve encountered her on social media, this insight adds a new layer. I’m thrilled to connect with her and learn more about her journey.

  3. I loved reading this Interview! Your efforts to spotlight newbie Authors is incredible! I am surely going to grab this book and read it!

  4. I firmly agree that tiny habits yield bigger results. After all, it is often the smallest of actions that make a world of difference over time. I think this kind of mentality can be applied to any area of life, from work to relationships and even when reaching goals. By starting small and taking consistent action we can slowly but surely reach our desired outcome.

  5. Thank you for introducing us to Jaishree Nenwani, the author of “Tiny Habits Massive Results.” Her passion for journaling and personal transformation is truly inspiring!

  6. I have read this book, and this is one of the best books in the category of Self-help. Loved your unique interview questions and the responses by Jaishree.

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