Fathers Day

Father/ಅಪ್ಪ/నాన్న/அப்பா: Is more an emotion rather a relation.

నడక/నడత నేర్పిన దైవం. పిల్లల విజయమే తన విజయం గా భావించే గొప్ప మనసున్న మహా మనీషి. మనకు ప్రపంచాన్ని పరిచయం చేసి ఏమి ఎరగనట్టు తెర వెనుక దాగి నడిపించే కరుణా మూర్తి. ప్రతి బిడ్డను సమాజానికి అందించే విధాత తండ్రి.

I should undoubtedly say the vital part of every success of child Should be equally weighed to father as much as we credit to our mother. The person who is courageous to raise a kid to be successful in the society he is to be coined as father.

Ever since the seed transforms to fetus in a mother’s womb and arrives to the world. The geezer who is the first and best SUPER HERO in everyone’s life is none other than FATHER, person who holds our hand to introduce the world is that same old man who waits for our annual visit, waves his hands when we depart to so called western countries.  🙁

Fathers are those who work hard and earn just for a matter of fact their children are successful in their lives and wish to do anything to make their children comfortable, be it buying a TOY TRAIN or Motorbike or an Aircraft.

He is a wall who stands by us no matter how much hatred or reluctance any child shows. I am sure we all would have hated him atleast once in a life be it when he catches us while we are smoking a cigarette or being strict in our studies or disagrees with the love interest of the children or when he being so strict in our life. I should say father may not be CORRECT always BUT he can never be WRONG.

I am sure in many instances most of them never obey the guidance he gives, we also disagree by saying he is a convention, old and superstitious species who dont know the real emerging world, trust me we are walking the way which he has paved for us with his tons of experiences and a wider view of society.

Let’s all take an oath amongst ourselves that we will never let our fathers down no matter what the circumstances are, will never show our anger in any situations, never make him feel lonely whether physically, emotionally or psychologically.

True fathers day celebration is not expressing through media platforms for a single day but to demonstrate the same in a soothing and benevolent way and make him proud everywhere/every time. I wish all the recent dad’s to pave an astonishing path which our fathers laid that made us to reach this position. Remember we are torch bearers for this nostalagic legacy which our fathers fabricated.

With loads of love, tons of affection, bunch of fights, thousands of disagreements, millions of experience and galaxy full of memories in our heart. Lets all wish our dad’s a “HAPPY FATHERS DAY“, lets pray almighty to bless him with matchless strength for carrying his fatherly duty.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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