Author’s Interview Series: Kumar Ashutosh

When it comes to habit of reading and writing, I should call it as my antidote to my stress. During this long journey it so happened I met lot of like minded, open minded, broad minded and narrow minded people. However I am not here to pen down any psychology notes or gyan.

This blog is my first attempt to start Author Interview series. Being a BIG fan of Cover Pictures and interesting blurbs also the opportunity I got to interact with Mr Kumar Ashutosh (Author of PERFUME GIRL) an IT Engineer who is the man of the moment. Yes you read it correct, my first interview blog is with a Techie cum author.


Kumar Ashutosh an alumnus of Nalanda Institute of technology, Bhubaneswar is currently working at HCL technologies ltd. He spends his time reading novels, writing short stories and romantic quotes. Whenever he gets a chance, he starts out on a journey to explore new places that brings new ideas for new stories.


Though I composed few unconventional queries, Kumar gave interesting answers rather being down with illness. Not to keep the suspense going let’s get to the questions and answers session:

1.  Why do you write? What keeps you motivated?
Ans: Writing is something that’s always keeps me happy. I can create a whole world and design it as I want. Most of the character that I have written were come knocking at my brain like they want a way to get to this world, and don’t stops until I ink them.
Sometime I get response from readers that they can connect themselves with my stories, like some part of it happened with them, like they are living my story.

2. Who motivated you in becoming an author ?
And: Most of the credit goes to my grandpa, the most lovely person of my life. Till date every time i goes home he tells me stories of fairy and princesses. Growing up with him with a shower of stories pouring over me helped me to become the way I am today.

3. What’s more important according to you : characters or plot?
Ans: Both are important but a strong character can fit into any plot bringing its own fragrance to the story. And if the character is weak than sometime it mess up the plot.

4. How did your journey towards writing novels begin?
Ans: It’s just happened, a unplanned journey. One day I came back from office. And suddenly something struck my mind and I started a blog “DropsOfMyInk” making the first step towards writing a novel.

5. Do you believe in writer’s block?
Ans: Yes,  It happens.
When we try to stretch a character far beyond its limit then the block comes.

6. Being a techie how do you manage to dedicate time for your passion towards reading and writing?
Ans: Its the most asked question to me! Once return from office I have lots of hour left and you never get bored of things you really like to do, so I keep writing till I feel ‘Ok, My characters needs to rest now’. And than holding a book goes to bed and most of the time sleep comes with book in my hand.

7. Share with us one embarrassing moment in your life as an author ?
Ans: Till now don’t have one, wish me luck to not get in future.

8.  Do your take extra care while considering a book cover?
Ans: Cover is something that makes a reader fall in love with a book in first look. A perfectly designed cover can tell the story in itself. Like if you check the cover of “Perfume Girl” Its a blurb of the letters inside.

9.  Does a bad review affect your writing?
Ans: I thinks the real readers who actually likes to reads never gets affected by how other have reviewed your book. As every one has their own way of looking at things. Something that can allure me may not even make others head turn.

10. Which is your top three favorite books of all time?
Ans: “The Notebook”, “I too had a love story”, “Wings of Fire”.

11. Share with us the best way to reach you and to learn more about your books?
Ans: You can reach me on my Facebook page. Author Ashutosh
Send me a message, I will be replying as soon as possible and we can have a good chat.
       Also you can reach out to me on Instagram: kumarashutosh94

12. What’s next for you? What are you working on now?
Ans: No future planning, I think if you set a goal or start working on a plan you will miss the best things that happens in a uncertain way.
Its a secret😊, will update on my page soon once everything is set to let it roll.

That was a short ,crisp and straight conversation with Mr. Kumar Ashutosh. Overall it was fun while I was doing homework with the questions and thoroughly enjoyed with the answers and the multiple interactions. If you wish to read and review the author’s works the link of the same has been provided below.

By unbiased reviewing any author works we are ensuring the reader pulse and pointing the same will improve the scope of author’s thinking and quality improve of their respective works. Never hesitate to review and voice out your opinion for consideration.

Name: Perfume Girl



Kiran K Adharapuram

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