Book Review: Emotional Ability Resources By ‘Pragati Jalan Sureka’

Title: Emotional Ability Resources
Author: Pragati Jalan Sureka
Publisher: Hay House Publishers India
Print Length: 304
Genre: Self-Help/Psychology
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pragati Jalan Sureka is an author, IIM Kolkata alumna, and NET UGC-qualified and Harvard-accredited global mental health psychologist with over a decade’s experience in training, speaking, psychotherapy, and preventive mental healthcare. As a Ph.D. scholar on emotional well-being, researching and developing practical tools for daily mental health and self-care remains her core skill set and passion.

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Pic Courtesy: Pragati Jalan Sureka (EAR)

Pragati Jalan Sureka is a licensed Clinical Psychologist working in the realm of mental health for the last fifteen years. Apart from her dual qualifications in Clinical and Occupational Health Psychology, she has professional credentials from Harvard Medical School, Boston; The Psychometric Centre at The University of Cambridge, UK and Beck Institute, Philadelphia.

Most of us find it challenging to cope with our emotions. Embarrassed to discuss it, rarely do we turn to anyone for advice. But how can we tell our story by keeping our emotions in the dark, especially from ourselves?

This unique book is an essential resource on every tabletop, every bookshelf, and every household. It is for anyone who wants to reap the tangible benefits of building self-leadership through emotional intelligence. Through narratives, anecdotes, simple explanations, and exercises in this book, you can relate, identify, and solve the complexities of emotions that influence your daily routine. In essence, this handbook is your gateway to emotional and mental wellness.

Emotional Ability Resources provides the right tools to access all the emotions that build up inside you or do not. It encourages you to listen to them, be more self-aware, and unlock the power you already possess. It invites you to learn about handling your inner world in an easy and healthy manner.

This book is a manual for every reader, I recommend it for those who are keen on handling emotions better and bringing positive change in their day-to-day life betterment.

Being a constant ignorer of everyday emotions, I often end-up myself in a complicated situation and fall prey to the after-effects of it. However, this book is a ray of hope and it hand-held me to effectively handle the variants of emotions. To keep the readers engaged every chapter concluded with interesting questionnaire exercises and a detailed summary.

Author Pragati brings in more interest through ample use cases with live and engaging examples, where readers can co-relate themselves with the respective events and exemplifications. While every chapter is equally weighed in the book read, my chapter picks are “Anger” and “Affirmations”. All the portions dole out are noteworthy in their way to make readers think and act.

In the ANGER chapter, the author explains the aspects like symptoms, strategies, types, and management in an effective way and their impact both on health and emotion. Special mention to the “Anger Iceberg” analysis that throws through insights for emotional furtherance

Rather than as a book, this book will serve as a psycho-therapeutic knowledge source for every bibliophile. With adequate knowledge and abundant experience Pragati owns, this book is an exemplary unveil of her prowess in the areas of mental health, therapy, and leadership coaching.

i.) Human Beings tend to feel awkward around their own feelings.
ii.) Affirmations assist us in identifying the joy of living
iii.) Overcoming hatred involves accepting everything about oneself.
iv.) Empathy is understanding another person objectively without any judgment.

v.) Whatever enhances our experience of well-being is an Emotional Ability Resource.

If you are like me, who wish to learn to express emotions unfiltered and resolutely by creating a scope that is rich in emotional ability and brings in an efficacious psychological territory, this masterpiece is worth buying. Not as a one-time read, this book can be picked and read as many times to provide a new way forward every time you read and help you to make you emotionally FIT.

With ample years of experience being a “Clinical Psychologist and vast knowledge and abundant years of exposure to dealing with every emotional aspect of life, Recent hit “Emotional Ability Resources” is a definite life saver in addressing the timely demands of stress/anger and management of many mental ailments.
You can also reach Pragati for your myriad crises and aid via “

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10 thoughts on “Book Review: Emotional Ability Resources By ‘Pragati Jalan Sureka’

  1. Emotions are an integral part of our lives. However, it is something that is not given its true place ehether at home or even at work. The book sounds really interesting and one that is sure to have some great tips on handling emotions, both yours and others. Sandy N Vyjay

  2. Expressing unfiltered emotions into the void can be a liberating experience, but sometimes it’s nice to know that there are people out there who understand and relate. Whether you’re feeling lonely or just need someone to vent to, its an art we all definitely need to learn.

  3. You write this acticle impressively. In my opinion, there is every minute detail which a reader look for before picking a book. For whom it is and the highlighted quotes two of out of such must-haves.

  4. This looks like a great read specially coming from someone professional as a clinical psychologist. I love reading around emotional intelligence and analysis. Much helpful for introverts like me.

  5. This looks like a great read specially coming from someone professional as a clinical psychologist. I love reading around emotional intelligence and analysis. Much helpful for introverts like me. ❤️

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