My Love is Away From Mortality – Vansh Arora


Name: My Love is Away From Mortality
Author: Vansh Arora
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP (23 April 2018)

What will you do if the love you nurtured with utmost care walks in to the territory of evilness? Manav, an atypical sleepyhead cares about nothing but his sleep. Life is good for him as long as he is in the premises of his bedroom. Aditi, a pro-level pessimist boasts her proficiency in envisioning worst possible consequences of every situation. After bumping in to each other, the course on which their life was previously treading begins to witness a complete transformation. The tender age pushes them to believe what they shared was more than a mere comradeship. They try to repel the feeling at first, but it intensifies to such an extent that both of them end up getting swallowed by it. However, they must keep an eye out for the lurking danger as there is a person who is on the quest to bereave them of something which will certainly put their and whole world’s fate in jeopardy. How will their destiny unfold?

My View:
The story revolves around the sleepyhead Manav and bookworm Aditi which takes its own twists in their lives. This book is less on the fiction side and more on the actual reality of the society. Commendable work by Author without missing the actual essence and being tactful in bringing parallel story lines. The book touches most of the interesting and important things of an individual’s life.

  1. Follow your passion no matter what life offers you.
  2. In a relationship never lose the trust of the partner no matter what the situation is !
  3. Not everyone who are good to you is a friend.
  4. Not everyone who are bad to you is a enemy.

The cover of the book is pretty good. With a decent narration the story goes at a faster pace offering the readers a book that is a perfect page turner. Salistona episodes add spice to the story line. Not much to comment on the end as it is evident that there is a sequel to this book. The Author has been very calculative when it comes to the plot keeping the next part in his mind as most of the questions are left unanswered.

Kiara & Kusa are two characters that run almost throughout the plot doing justice to the story with their presence. Simple language and elegant vocabulary are definitely to be appreciated which profoundly makes the book free from grammatical mistakes. The composition of the book proves what the Author actually want the readers to feel, whether it is a quote or a scene or a chunk. Overall I recommend this for readers who are keen in reading the unusual fiction with a pinch of mystery and suspense.

Overall I rate “My Love is Away From Mortality – Vansh Arora” a 4.25/5, looking forward for replies of unanswered question in the upcoming squeal of this book. Kudos to the Author for his successful work in bringing out a good one time read.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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