Death will Never End the Story – Saranya Kannan

No automatic alt text available.Title:Death will Never End the Story
Author:Saranya Kannan
Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Damick Publications (16 March 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8193624637
ISBN-13: 978-8193624630

‘Death will Never End the Story’ is a science motivational novelette. Everyone has a father. The heroes we watch in the movies are fake. The real hero in our life is our own father because he is our first and the best supporter. Love from our mother and elder siblings is eternal. This novel is the sketch of relationships of the father, mother, son and daughter. How should a father be with his children at each phase of life? How he supports and helps his children in their dreams? We have often heard about the end of the Earth. Scientists and literature give us a lot of information about it. Some people believe it, and some may deny. We are living, but most of us never know where, how and why are we living. An interesting thing about the Earth is being revealed in this tale. It is the story of our past, present and the prediction of our future.

There can’t ever be a better place than Earth,to be precise through the book author warns everyone who directly or indirectly involved in depleting our mother earth. This cover picture of the book is quite interesting, It shows a partially burning earth which hints us that we are on the verge of complete destruction through our own acts/blunders. Coming to the title “Death will never end the story” which virtually translates We humans are mere visitors but the earth has remained and will remain the same even after we depart.

Coming to the story part (no spoilers) this is a story of a family of father, mother and three children and their happy life. The author has beautifully portrayed the Significance of the father in balancing his family emotionally and always being a driving force in motivating them. The author has nicely utilized protagonist Madhan to convey the consequences which our future generations are going to face due to our ill practices to deplete the nature.

This book serves as a testimony for author’s knowledge in the field of nature study.Being a geology student, I am sure how much research author did in explaining most of the points related to mother earth. Compact and handy book will not need hours to complete, Trust me this is not a one time read, you will tend to read many times to feel vehemence that the author has carried in illustrating every character.

Interesting part is every chapter ends with detailed author note consolidating with a beautiful message and not to miss the story flow and Not to miss the flow of the story with a handful of quotes in the book.

I rate “Death will never end the story – Saranya Kannan” a 4.5/5. Super awesome narration, swift read as it hardly takes an hour or two to complete. I would call this as a scientific inspirational novelette. This is a caution note for every living being on the earth who are prime cause of depletion. Only suggestion is I recommend to use few more jargon’s/scientific names in the interest of plot.

Quotes from Book:
Life is nothing but living, its not surviving
Only the pillow knows about the pain of failure.

Note to the readers:
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

PS: I wish all the very best to Saranya for her work!!
I pray lord to give her strength,motivation, happiness and prosperity.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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