Come Back to Leave Me… Again – Sohil Ashvin Shah


Book Title: Come Back to Leave Me… Again
Author: Sohil Ashvin Shah
Paperback: 216 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9384334839
ISBN-13: 978-9384334833

“Why does the love always seem beautiful in romantic movies and novels, but not in real life? Why should lovers not be in any relationship after they break up? Why do ex-lovers always try to deal with damages instead of staying together? If you want answers to the questions, this book is for you.”

This story begins on a romantic valentines day evening in CCD, Sohil who inspired by Ravinder Singh and a fan of Salman Khan hands over his debut novel(Come Back to Leave Me… Again) to Prerna Sharma during their conversation.
Protagonist siddhant working in Dubai and also attended CPA class there fell in love with the voice of Hritisha/Ritisha,happenes to be employee of ‘Hamdan Institute CPA’ , She calls him to communicate about the change in timings of the class. Siddhant goes into deep love well before he sees her, and the story progresses to an unusual ending

Questions which this book answers:
1. Did Siddhant express his love to Hritisha ?
2. Did they take forward this relationship further ?
3. Did their love succeed or they got separated ?

Best answer would be this book “Come Back to Leave Me… Again”

My Review:
This is one of the books which I completed without a single pause (12 AM to 4 AM), Cover picture was damn cute with a shadow image of a man and a small girl holding hands with Burj Khalifa as a background its not tough to guess that the story is based in Dubai, also from about author intro section it is said he lives in Dubai close to 8 years. Story narration is very simple U never feel like pausing instead never feel like taking a break. I dont think any other title can suit this story-line other this. Unlike the traditional love and romance kind of books author took utmost care in portraying every character in the plot by giving their respective importance. You will never feel lag or dragging during the entire journey of siddhant and Hrishitha.
The plot is blend of emotions, humour, heartbreaks, love, romance, affection, agony, betrayal and most importantly family values. Author showed his utmost love towards “Abbas Abdulali Vasi MAREEZ”, Gujarathi poet who is also known as Galib of Gujarat. Being a south indian not much inclined towards Shayari & Hindi literature made me read twice to understand the essence of Hinglish & Gujju words in interest of story.
However, this book made me to pick few Hindi literature so that I don’t face the same problem in my next read. It beautifully ends with a note, if something’s gonna happen which is unexpected/least expected/not expected, one must erase those memories rather that taking it to the next level with a supporting LAST LETTER to let go off the things which is harmful in relation. A supporting letter would do wonders to let go the things which could be harmful in the long run

My favorite picks:
1. Everyone carries a story which can be a best selling novel. It’s just a matter of penning down your feelings
2. Dust accumulated on the books has no power to change its story.

Overall I give “Come Back to Leave Me… Again – Sohil Ashvin Shah” a 4.25/5 with a decent story-line, heart touching moments, reality plot, better mix of emotions, betrayal, love, romance and friendship makes this as a best read for love and romance genre readers.

I wish and pray god that Mr Sohil Ashvin Shah(Bunty) should coauthor a book with Ravinder Singh and to direct a movie of Salman Khan.

Kiran K Adharapuraam

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