College Days – Devayu

Title:College Days
Format: Kindle Edition
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Print Length: 204 pages
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Language: English
ASIN: B075X3737M

Neil met Avani-the girl who saved him from committing suicide few years back.
Soon they were connected through Facebook.
On day one, she revealed her plan to leave India for higher studies.
But still their conversation continued.
He told her about his college life while she talked about her friends.
One day, he surprised her by dropping to her place and professing his love.
What will Avani do now?

My Review:
One of the recent books I read on the college life took me back to my engineering days. Emotionally connected story-line. The book narration starts with Neil Baba and chinu who meet after years to recollect the memories of college days revisiting their college after years to recollect their memories of college days, hostel life, love, paroxysm, dreams and emotions.
While each one of them has his/her own path, Deprived Neil meets Avani on an unforeseen day in Goa and plunges into her love who is passionate to study higher. On the other side Neil’s Friends manage in getting good placements successfully.

I dont want to say the entire story in my blog!!!

To know the below answers you need to flip through the pages of “College Days”
1. Did Neil succeed in his love life?
2. When life offers Currency and Passion what to choose ?
3. What twists life offered them ?

This book takes virtual tour of every student’s (engineering specifically) college life. Loved reading the words VIVA, Mask bunk, Exams, Gang, love and breakup’s. It is always a nostalgic feel when we recall and cherish the golden moments of our college life. Author was successful in compiling every single point in his book. Specially the Hindi conversations which follows an English transliteration.

I rate “College Days – Devayu” a 3.5/5 which is a quick page turner, takes the reader to his/her college days, it has embedded flavors of emotion, passion, thrill, friendship, love, affection, rejection, agony, apathy and togetherness.

PS: Don’t miss the last questions which tests your decoding capacity from the plot.

My Pick:
Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or the faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”

Kiran K Adharapuram



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