Book Review: Enduring Success by “Basavaraj B. Patil”

Title: Enduring Success – Digital Transformational Strategies for Products and Services Redefined
Author: Basavaraj B. Patil
Pages: 452
Genre: Self-Help

This book enables all IT professionals, irrespective of their ranks and designations, to understand customers better, connect and collaborate meaningfully, and inculcate a mindset on building state-of-the-art products and services with global reach in minds and becoming exemplary leaders or entrepreneurs of the future. For management staff and budding entrepreneurs, this book will help build high-performing teams and competencies to succeed in their digital initiatives and stay current and relevant in a business that deals with technology for enduring Success.

The constant learning and adoption of the 15 tenets of digital transformation and the 50 essential transformation skills associated with products, services, systems, people, processes, technology, and frameworks highlighted in this book become inevitable for startups and organizations of varied sizes across industry sectors to work with all inside-out entities to effectively embark on their digital transformational journeys and contribute significantly to their digital shifts.

Authored by Basavaraj B. Patil – “Enduring Success” is a must-read guide that provides valuable insights and practical wisdom for individuals in IT, management, and budding entrepreneurship amidst the constantly changing digital transformation landscape. This is quite a detailed book that offers an indispensable roadmap that not only empowers readers to deepen their understanding of customers but also fosters high-performing teams, and develops the mindset required to create innovative products and services with a global impact.

One of the key strengths of the book is its inclusive approach, catering to IT professionals at all levels and in various roles, ensuring that everyone can pursue lasting success. Readers can find actionable strategies, that promote collaboration within teams and nurtures a culture of innovation and excellence. There are necessary tools and knowledge presented in the book that help the readers to confidently navigate the dynamic realm of technology-driven enterprises and achieve long-term success.

Written in easy-to-understand and engaging language “Enduring Success” reflects the profound expertise and extensive knowledge of the author. There are real-world examples and perceptive case studies which enhance the book’s relevance, allowing readers to apply the lessons learned to their own professional pursuits directly. The book is a perfect mix of knowledge, expertise, and practical approach.

For individuals immersed in the IT industry, “Enduring Success” is an essential read. Being an IT Professional myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found it really impactful.

Mr. Basavaraj B. Patil hails from a well-educated, middle-class family and originates from Huvinahadagali. He received his education in Gulbarga, where his father was employed. With a rich professional background spanning over 23 years in the IT industry, Mr. Patil holds distinguished credentials as an AWS-certified solutions architect and a PMI-certified project management professional (PMP)®.

He has accumulated invaluable expertise through his work in the USA, UK, and Singapore, assuming diverse roles and responsibilities. Notably, he has successfully managed large-scale fixed bid projects, and T&M contracts, and oversees operations and finance for esteemed Fortune 500 companies.

Furthermore, Mr. Patil embarked on an entrepreneurial journey for approximately three years, during which his startup enterprise gained recognition at both the national and state levels, being honored by “India Startup” and “Karnataka Startup” in 2019, respectively. Presently, he is associated with Persistent Systems Limited (PSL) since February 2021, and he resides in Bangalore with his family.

With its profound insights waiting to be discovered, “Enduring Success” empowers readers to attain long-lasting triumph in their professional pursuits. This indispensable guide is essential for individuals aiming to flourish in the ever-evolving realm of digital technology.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: Enduring Success by “Basavaraj B. Patil”

  1. Digital technology is so dynamic with changes occuring almost in real time. The book seems invaluable for those looking to navigate successfully through the shifting sands of digital technology. Sandy N Vyjay

  2. Kiran, your review is a gem! Your detailed insights into the book’s focus on IT pros, entrepreneurs, and high-performing teams are impressive. The closing lines capture its essence perfectly. Those quote picks are like little nuggets of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this enlightening review!

  3. Thanks for recommending this amazing book. I bought this book after reading the review on your blog. I must say your detailed and unbiased reviews often help me to pick best books to read.

  4. This must be a great book especially nowadays. Despite all the experiences one had, having the mindset of loving to learn is what makes them special. Everyday is a learning day, they say. Especially with this always innovating technology nowadays, one should always learn how to keep-up. – MommyWithAGoal

  5. Enduring Success by Basavaraj B. Patil is an enriching read that delves into the essence of achieving and sustaining success. A must-read for those seeking lasting inspiration.

  6. A book that offers a roadmap to entrepreneurs not only empowers readers to deepen their understanding of customers, but also encourages them to act on the information they learn. I’m sure that readers will find detailed real-world examples of successful companies, as well as practical steps for making their own businesses profitable.

  7. I’m truly excited to hear about “Enduring Success” by Basavaraj B. Patil! It sounds like a comprehensive guide for IT professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. The focus on understanding customers and fostering collaboration is invaluable in today’s tech-driven world. The incorporation of 15 tenets of digital transformation and 50 essential transformation skills underscores its practicality. This book seems like a must-read for anyone in the digital landscape looking to achieve lasting success.

  8. The pace of progress in digital technology is almost real-time. For anyone trying to effectively manage the shifting sands of modern technology, the book appears to be of immeasurable value.

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