The Self Directed – Learning Ways #Gaurang Bhatt

Book Title: The Self Directed – Learning Ways
Author: Gaurang Bhatt
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 1125 KB
Print Length: 66 pages
Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Language: English

To learn is the purpose of life.
Learning never stops, and learners never fail.
Learning is a long process it takes time and patience. We learn most of the things in schools and universities and then we stop learning. In this competitive world, with lesser jobs than people, there is a more to learn than we think. You always need to add a new skill to your resume. There isn’t always going to be someone to teach, we need to be self-directed learners. Don’t wait to learn until you need it, learn to improve. Think as the owner and not the employee, share the profits and not the time.

My Review:
This book is the best learning aid for understanding many topics viz self learning, motivation,self confidence and so on. My favorite topic is “Organize Time” and “Build Network” chapters.The book flow is lucid and u will tend to complete it in 4-5 hours. This book is a must read for those who seek positivism and motivation. The cover picture throws a message “one must spread in every direction in their life to be successful“. Most importantly the description that sets up positive expectation.

I personally rate “The Self Directed – Learning Ways – Gaurang Bhatt” a 3.5/5, I strongly recommend this book to every reader so as to understand and adapt concepts like problem solving , S.M.A.R.T. framework techniques and many more. Looking forward for next work from this author.

My Pick:
“The two things thаt will hаvе thе greatest imрасt on уоur life are thе bооks you rеаd аnd thе реорlе уоu mееt.” – Chаrliе “Tremendous” Jones

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